Plan releases across projects

Teams can organise release related activities for their existing Jira project versions.

The timeline introduces a portfolio view of stages for going live with each version. This enables product leads to better understand progress, validate compliance and take decisions.

Quickly navigate the timeline

You can swipe or drag to move in time freely. You can jump one week at a time. You can even type the subject version in the search bar and it will navigate to it.

Swanly’s interface was designed for easy and fast interactions. We created partial panels for other screens to make sure the timeline will always stay in view.

Customise the release activities

Create your own stages to fit with teams requirements. Start with the stage that maps the Jira release entry and create additional custom ones.

You have full control! Choose unique colours, set the order and specify which stage closes of the release train.

Understand slippages and risks

Releases of length beyond the initial expectation get marked with a slippage trail. This allows Release Managers to forecast impact and mediate instantly.

When many teams plan to go live in the same day we highlight the column in the timeline. This helps teams discover potential conflicts encouraging mediation.

Manage release activities states

Release phases have associated statuses. Any team members can update statuses to communicate progress against a version go-live.

The real-time status updates help stakeholders understand the readiness of a release. This keeps everyone informed and aligned on cross-team milestones and dependencies.

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